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One frustrating aspect in researching this website was to have many 'Google' internet searches return mostly pages created by 'Creation Science' or 'Intelligent Design' proponents. Although Darwinism has triumphed over religious explanations and has been adopted by most religious groups the struggle has been a long one and is not complete (See Darwin's Legacy). The major remaining group is well financed, and politically active.

This group, composed primarily of American fundamentalists, seems to be deeply threatened by Darwin's Dangerous Idea. Christian fundamentalists believe in the literal truth of the bible. This is not a belief based on scientific evidence rather it is based on faith: faith that the bible is the word of God. The bible says (as I remember) that the stars were created on one day, creatures on another and man on another day, all in the same week. Their best scholars estimate that this week of creation occurred sometime in the last five or six thousand years. Some in this group ignore the scientific challenge to their beliefs and prefer to base their beliefs on faith rather than evidence.

Others, those in the Creation Science camp, attempt to find and interpret evidence  supporting the biblical story. These are the guys that are always finding evidence for Noah's Ark on Mt Ararat and the like. Creation Science for a while mounted a threat to the teaching of evolution in US science classrooms but this largely ended with the 1987 supreme court ruling that teaching Creation Science violated the separation of state and religion.

The latest attempt at muddying the waters of evolution calls itself 'Intelligent Design'. It isn't a theory of design and to get around the courts they don't mention God. Rather they argue that Darwinian processes can't explain all design found in the natural world and that in fairness other explanations should be taught as well in science classes. All examples of biological complexity they have put forward are only unexplainable by them, the scientific community is quite unanimous that Darwinian explanations apply to them quite nicely.

This does not slow them down. They demand 'freedom of ideas' and that 'both sides' be taught, as if scientific truths are only beliefs or opinions. Elected school boards in Ohio have bought their hogwash and many portions of the Grade 10 science curriculum are lifted from the Intelligent Design handbook.

Outside of the Ohio classrooms are cornfields producing the highest yields in the world. These are genetically modified cornfields. The abundant wealth produced by Ohio corn is due to a thorough understanding of the science of biology, on truths only understandable in a Darwinian context. It seems they want it both ways; wealth produced by science and comforting beliefs from the bible.