Our Historical Challenge

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Our Specie's Challenge

Evolution due to the many processes of Universal Darwinism produce an often unforeseen future. The power exerted by our evolved cultural tools are now of such magnitude that their unconstrained use threatens the natural environment on which we and all other species depend.

During the next fifty years managing the fruits of our cultural evolution will be our most vital challenge. Population numbers will rise at least another 50% to over 9 billion and the powerful energies and chemicals we release will affect the planet dramatically.

Still we seem to have a fighting chance of meeting this challenge. Population growth is moderating around the world. Women are choosing to have fewer children.  As disasters resulting from our mismanagement of the planet, such as the 2003 European heat wave killing over 20,000 and Hurricane Katrina, become more frequent the  political will of our species may become focused on finding solutions.

We will post items here chronically this challenge and our response to it.