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David Deutsch founded the theory of Quantum Computation. He is the author of The Fabric of Reality,  a great book. Fabric of Reality represents a major step forward in our ability to comprehend our situation and tie many strand of knowledge together. A central tenet of this work is that the entirety of human knowledge is becoming easier to understand because fundamental scientific theories are becoming fewer even as they encompass a wider range of subject matter. He believes we are on the verge of a single scientific theory that will provide the framework for explaining everything. To this end he discusses four schools of knowledge he sees as central and that will be integrated into the one theory of everything. These four strands are: Evolution, Computation, Epistemology and Quantum Physics. He believes that each of these theories is a window to the ‘theory of everything’. 

David is committed to making science accessible to as many as possible. Recently he created a series of video lectures available on the web introducing Quantum Mechanics. This is a culmination of David's ambition for some years to present the theory of Quantum Mechanics from the view of Quantum Computation which he believe is the most straightforward approach.

David Deutsch's research in quantum physics has been influential and highly acclaimed. His papers on quantum computation laid the foundations for that field, breaking new ground in the theory of computation as well as physics, and have triggered an explosion of research efforts worldwide. His work has revealed the importance of quantum effects in the physics of time travel, and he is an authority on the theory of parallel universes.

Born in Haifa, Israel, David Deutsch was educated at Cambridge and Oxford universities. After several years at the University of Texas at Austin, he returned to Oxford, where he now lives and works. He is a member of the Centre for Quantum Computation at the Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford University.


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David Deutsch